ECO Grants & Free Insulation, East Renfrewshire

Own your own home ✅
Live with someone 60+ or under 16 ✅
Receive Benefits ✅
Gas Boiler over 8✅
Never had central heating ✅

Homeowners in East Renfrewshire living with someone 60+ or under 16 can receive an ECO grant towards home efficiency improvements. We take a whole-house approach helping our customers to get the maximum funding and improvements available to them. Eligible customers will receive FREE Insulation & may also qualify for a subsidised boiler or Air Source Heat Pump. The ECO4 Initiative is backed by the Scottish Government and further supported by East Renfrewshire Council. 
You need to meet all the following criteria: Live in East Renfrewshire ✅ Homeowner ✅ Live with someone over 60 or under 16 or receive benefits ✅ And to receive the boiler grant you'll also need a gas boiler over 8 years old unless your property has never had central heating before ✅ 
Find out if you qualify by filling in our eligibility form, the process takes JUST 60 seconds:

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Do these apply to you?

● Live in East Renfrewshire? ✅ ● Homeowner?✅● Someone over 60 or under 16 lives in your household or your household receives benefits? ✅ ● Gas boiler over 8 or never had central heating before? ✅ You could be eligible for FREE INSULATION & A BOILER GRANT.


Qualis is an approved supplier of ECO Flex and is backed by East Renfrewshire Council.

Why Qualis? 

A lot of the ECO ads you see online are from lead generation companies that don't actually carry out the work. 
Think differently, Think Qualis. We are a Paisley based company helping customers across East Renfrewshire secure FREE insulation & funding towards boiler and air improvement upgrades. We supply and fit quality insulation, boiler and ventilation solutions for families and vulnerable adults. 

    Deal with a professional heating & insulation company with a proven track record of providing quality boiler and insulation installations.
    We we are WHICH approved and Highly Rated on Trustpilot. ✅✅✅
    Deal with one company from from start to finish. Our friendly, experienced team will be on hand throughout. 
     Expect open and honest communication - we won't pull the wool over your eyes, if there is a contribution to pay, we'll tell you upfront. 
  • What's the catch?

    Honestly, there really is no catch
    Your property will need to undergo a home energy assessment - there will be a small contribution towards your boiler based on your efficiency score but our experienced team will do everything possible to keep your costs to a minimum. 
    It's a government-backed initiative to help homeowners in Scotland - in receipt of benefits - make better energy savings. 
    Example Old boilers perform at around 65% efficiency. That might sound a lot but that's 35% going to waste. Think about it - 35p in every pound going down the toilet. An A-rated boiler can operate at over 90% efficiency, meaning less than 10p is going to waste. That means you could save as much as £300 over one year. A lot isn't it! 

  • How long will it take?

    We work with our customers to take them through the process is quickly as possible while ensuring we are delivering a quality service. We suggest that you give us a call on 0141 212 0840 if you are a vulnerable customer who has no heating or hot water and we will see what we can do to speed up the process. 

Homeowner, with someone over 60 or under 16 living in your home? You could be eligible...

Under the Government ECO scheme your boiler must be over 8 years old to automatically qualify for a FUNDED BOILER GRANT. However, if your boiler is under 8 years old, then it is assumed that it will be more cost effective to repair your current boiler, than to have it replaced.

Receive benefits? You could be eligible...

Are you a homeowner? Gas boiler 8+ years old? In receipt of one of the benefits below. If you are in receipt of any of the above benefits you may well qualify for a FREE INSULATION & a BOILER GRANT towards a new gas boiler or electrical heating. Click on the benefit that best applies to you!


Under the Government ECO4 scheme, your boiler must be over 8 years old to automatically qualify for a FUNDED BOILER GRANT. However, if your boiler is under 8 years old, then it is assumed that it will be more cost-effective to repair your current boiler, than to have it replaced.

"Refreshingly different heating companyReally helped my partner get heating back into her property following a flood. My partner had a string of rotten luck recently so I was so pleased this dealt with so promptly. Fantastic service, honest and transparent from start to finish. Take the bad reviews with a pinch of salt - I would give more than 5 stars if I could."

Michael, Milngavie Via Trustpilot

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