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Contact us to see if you qualify for FREE LOFT INSULATION IN SCOTLAND as well as other energy efficiency improvements such as cavity wall insulation, underfloor insulation, a transformative ventilation system or even a new boiler. See if you're eligible in JUST 60 Seconds!



Did you know 25% of heat is lost through your roof? Think of all that money on energy bills that could be going to waste.

At Qualis, we believe that the best energy around is the energy that we don’t use. Why pay more if we don’t have to, right?

The ECO3 scheme aims to reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty by providing funding for loft and cavity wall insulation to struggling households all over Scotland and the UK. Homeowners, landlords and private tenants receiving a wide range of benefits and tax credits (including child benefits) are eligible for the scheme, with 100% funding available to help make your home more energy efficient at no cost.

Follow The Q to Qualis...We Take A Whole-House Approach

As a PAS2035 accredited installer, we adopt a whole-house approach to your home efficiency improvements. This is because we don't want you to miss out on any funding you may be entitled to. There are no complex terms and conditions to worry about. If you qualify, as well as loft insulation you may be eligible for underfloor or cavity wall insulation, a ventilation/air improvement system and maybe even a new boiler. Your level of funding will be determined by your home’s current efficiency. This means a full energy assessment will be required.
This home energy assessment is completely free with no obligation.

Five Reasons to Choose Loft Insulation


A perfect solution to prevent heat loss 

By installing loft insulation, you can expect a 25% reduction in heat loss. This will ensure that your home will be warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer. 


A perfect solution to save on your energy bills

Loft insulation can help you save up to £110 each year on your energy bills. Loft insulation generally has a life span of over 40 years and will pay for itself many times over. 


A perfect solution for the ECO conscious 

By properly insulating your home, you are reducing your carbon footprint, making your home much more environmentally friendly than it was before.


A perfect solution for noise reduction

Once your loft is properly insulated, you should find a reduction in the volume of outside noise penetrating the property helping you feel happier in your home.


A perfect solution for helping property values

Properly insulating your loft often means a higher rating for your home's Energy Performance Certificate making it more desirable for selling. 


  • How does loft insulation work? 

    Special insulating material is placed between the joints in the roof, making it more difficult for heat to escape and trapping it inside the rooms below the loft. In many cases, the insulation material is also placed over roof joints and around the loft hatch to stop even more heat from being lost.

  • Am I eligible for free loft insulation?

    New government funding means you can insulate your loft without it costing you a penny. To be eligible, you must be a homeowner, landlord or private tenant in receipt of a qualifying benefit or tax credits. For up-to-date qualifying criteria, see here.

  • I think I may already have some insulation, but it looks old and my roof is draughty, should I get in touch? 

    Yes, absoloutely. Although there’s a good chance that your loft or attic already has some insulation, only a third of homes in Scotland have adequate insulation that meets or exceeds the recommended depth of 270mm. This means you’re still using more energy than necessary to heat your home, resulting in expensive fuel bills.